About Aardvark Rare Books:

Aardvark Rare Books has been buying, selling, seeking and appraising individual books and entire personal or institutional collections full-time, since 1995.



Right now we are especially seeking handwritten diaries, scrapbooks, Old cocktail books, old advertising materials kits or posters, large maps, late 19th century/early 20th century photos or photo albums, -- anything printed.



Ezra "The Bookfinder" Tishman and Aardvark Rare Books is a member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America); ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers);  IOBA (Independent Online Booksellers Association) and an accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

                                  email: thebookfinder@gmail.com








Ezra Tishman Book Appraisals, LLC., regularly performs appraisals of individual books, libraries, collections, manuscripts, and personal, creative, or institutional archives for purposes of:

Establishing Value For:

        1) Fair Market Value For Retail Sale;

        2) Insurance Scheduling or Loss;

        3) Charitable Donation for Tax Purposes;

        4) Estate Settlement /Equitable Distribution of Assets 

        5)Forced Liquidation of Assets                  

        6) Dissolution of Partnership or Marriage, etc. 


Appraisals are in strict compliance with the latest version (2020-2021) of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). A. Ezra Tishman is an accredited Member in good standing of the A.S.A. (American Society of Appraisers)


          email:  bookappraisals@gmail.com





     •   The Internet is pretty much "The Wild West" out there; most sellers are   ethical, but many are either uninformed or downright dishonest. We take on all the risk. Knowledgeable, Approachable, Responsible, Friendly, and Ethical. Chances are you'll get what you paid for but so many booksellers are just cleaning out Granny's attic and know nothing about condition, correct description, or careful packing. We build fine collections, and help old or new collectors understand how to navigate the wild and woolly world of online bookbuying. Or you can simply put us in charge of building your collection and know that only the finest copies will be permitted to pass through our gates.

We know something about books and help you come to an unhurried decision about what you want, can afford, or can live without. And whatever you purchase, it is guaranteed to arrive safely on your doorstep, shipped promptly, packaged in ironclad fashion, with full recourse and no backtalk if any problems should arise. 

We are probably NOT the place to come to in order to find easily-obtainable books, discount prices, or to comparison shop for used books. We cost more -- and we take on all the risk you'd normally take on yourself. Some folks just want experienced professionals to help them build their libraries. That's where we come in. 

 Safe, Secure, and Accountable -- Always!

We work hard to make your bookbuying experience safe, easy and fun. Many of our clients are repeat customers, who have learned that they can rely upon Aardvark Rare Books. for a high-quality results, and excellent customer service. When you order from Ezra The Bookfinder, you're guaranteed to receive your book -- or all your money back.


Aardvark Rare Books is a member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) and  IOBA  (Independent Online Booksellers Association); both of these organizations exact rigorous standards of professional honesty, and require members to maintain an ethical compass at True North. 

Ezra The Bookfinder is one of the oldest online booksellers out there.   are well respected by colleagues, clients and competitors alike. We buy and sell books the world over, and are especially well-known for  dogged pursuit of our customer's book wants.

Finally, we're completely committed to a high ethical standard of business -- to serving you, our customers -- in the best way possible. Can I return the book?

We accept returns for ANY reason, within thirty days, and only ask that you reach a human in our office in person (not voice mail), with prior notification, and obtain return authorization. This will avoid delays. Once the book arrives safely back with us, in the exact same condition as when we sent it to you, we'll happily issue a refund.  If the book was incorrectly described the book, we pay your return postage.  We want your experience of buying a book you've never seen from a person you've never met, to be as pleasant and worry-free as possible -- and always Safe. Simply put, We Show Up!