About Us:

EZRA THE BOOKFINDER AT AARDVARK BOOKS has been searching for, locating, and appraising books for our customers since 1996. There is no charge for the booksearch itself, no hidden fee, and never any obligation to purchase; we roll our costs into the price we quote you for the book --  no hard sell!

Think of Ezra The Bookfinder as your Personal Book Detective. We specialize in locating the picture book your grandmother used to read aloud to you, or that beloved inspirational book you lent to a good friend to get through a hard time, who married, moved away -- and forgot to return , or that beautiful old, leather-bound dictionary you relied upon all through graduate school that disappeared during your last move, or your mom's ancient, now-in-tatters Betty Crocker Cookbook that you're tired of borrowing from your sister every Thanksgiving, or maybe just an elusive title that's now out of print. Whatever book you need, we can help, and won't stop searching until we find it!

We are probably NOT the place to come to in order to find discount prices, or to comparison shop for used books.
Rather, we may very well be the last place to come to, the folks you contact when you really do want to find the book, and are both willing to pay well for, and if necessary, wait for. We've called people back with their long-sought book in hand, six years later.  When you engage the services of a professional Bookfinder, you're paying us to assume all the risk involved in purchasing online. We make sure that the exact edition you want, arrives on your doorstep in good time, and in good condition. If there's ever any problem, we take care of it, no questions asked!

Safe, Secure, and Accountable -- Always!

We work hard to make your bookbuying experience safe, easy and fun. Many of our clients are repeat customers, who have learned that they can rely upon Ezra The Bookfinder for a high-quality search, with excellent customer service. When you order from Ezra The Bookfinder, you're guaranteed to receive your book -- or all your money back. Ezra The Bookfinder is a member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) and  IOBA  (Independent Online Booksellers Association); both of these organizations exact rigorous standards of professional honesty, and require members to maintain an ethical compass at true north. 

Ezra The Bookfinder is one of the oldest online booksearch services out there.  We offer a high rate of success and are well respected by colleagues, clients and competitors alike. We buy and sell books the world over, and are especially well-known for  dogged pursuit of our customer's book wants.

Finally, we're completely committed to a positive and ethical standard of business -- to serving you, our customers -- in the best way possible. Business is just one more backdrop for the deeper and more genuine work we humans are all here to do. Bookfinding and Bookselling is just what we love and do best!  We love books. Can't help it!

How much does it cost to search for a book?

It's Free! There is no charge to search for your book. While we have many thousands of titles in stock, in order to cover costs, we have a $30.00 minimum order for books outside our own inventory. This is not a tacked-on search fee. It simply means that when you buy the book, your order will cost a minimum of $30 .00. We'll find the best possible copy of the book you want at a price within your budget.

Once you've located my book, am I obligated to buy it from you?

There is never any obligation to purchase it; you simply say "Yea" or "Nay"; it's as simple as that! .

What about Shipping and Handling?

In most cases, we cover the cost of shipping Media Rate Mail, which takes anywhere from a two to three weeks, and includes Delivery Confirmation Service at no extra charge. If the book costs over $40, we insure it at our cost. 

Can I return the book?

We accept returns for any reason, within thirty days, and only ask that you reach a human in our office with prior notification, and obtain return authorization. This will avoid delays.