Ezra the Bookfinder

Ezra has been a booklover as far back as he can remember. After many years working as a mailman, truck driver, university professor, professional editor, commercial fisherman in Alaska, and farmhand, he has found his niche as bookfinder.

He lives outside of Eugene, Oregon with his wife, a professor of Renaissance Literature and hospital chaplain, three dogs, and of course, Gertie, The Bookstore-On-Wheels.

Our clients have included Martin Scorcese, Lauren Hutton, Art Spiegelman, Val Kilmer, and many other non-movie-star readers
as well.

Ezra just wrapped up seven years running BOOKS TO THE PEOPLE  a nonprofit organization dedicated to placing free books permanently into the hands and homes in outlying or underserved areas, which gave away free books on board Gertie, a repurposed library bookmobile.