MR. PICKERING'S SPEECH IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES ON THE RESOLUTION OFFERED BY MR. HILLHOUSE TO REPEAT THE SEVERAL ACTS LAYING AN EMBARGO. NOVEMBER 30, 1808.; Mr. Pickering's Speech in the Senate of the United States on the Resolution Offered by Mr. Hillhouse to Repeat the Several Acts Laying an Embargo. November 30, 1808.

Boston, Mass: Russel & Cutler, Printers, 1808. Pamphlet. 8vo. Sewn as issued. three gatherings Remnants of original stitching. Smudging but entirely (and easily) readable. 24pp. Five copies of this printing located. (Shaw and Shoemaker, American Bibliography 1808) #15938. Fair. Item #79149

Important events preceding the War of 1812. Although it was not clear whether the Usshould fight Britain or France, Mr. Pickering urges that we not make war on both belligerents. As Secretary of State until 1800, Pickering is most remembered for his strong Federalist Party attachments to British causes, even willingness to wage war with France in service of these causes during the Adams administration. In 1802, Pickering and a band of Federalists, agitated at the lack of support for Federalists, attempted to gain support for the secession of New England from the Jeffersonian United States. The irony of a Federalist moving against the national government was not lost among his dissenters. Along with most other Federalists he opposed the War of 1812. Pickering ruined his political career when he became involved with the Hartford Convention of 1815.

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