THE KIDWELL TWO-FLOW RING-CIRCUIT WATER TUBE BOILER: A BOOK FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO GENERATE MORE STEAM FOR LESS MONEY; A brief explanation of the principles underlying correct boiler design and operation, their application to boiler analysis and how they are correctly applied in the designs of the Kidwell boiler, with other information valuable to those who wish to generate more steam for less money

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Kidwell Boiler Company, 1923. Stated First Impression. Softcover. Quarto, brown card covers, with black and red lettering. Many diagrams, several in color. One small bit of cardboard cover missing from very bottom of spine, 1/2 in. x 1/4 in.). Faint company stamp to front cover, of engineering firm who owned this manual. 268 pp. Glossy paper. Near Fine. Item #85293

Worth quoting in its entirety not only for its sentiment of honoring his unsung master, but for the humble language and acknowledgement of his profound debt to the progenitor of his (Kidwell's) creation. There was a chain of knowledge, and Kidwell sings aloud and lyrically, his place in that chain of interdependence -- a beautiful (be-wreathed) and loving preliminary page dedicated to Goldsworthy Gurney of Cornwall, "a pioneer investigator in the generation of steam, who through the divine inspiration of genius, realized more clearly than any other man of his time or since, the necessity and effect of rapid water circulation in boilers, and who nearly a century ago, discovered the only adequate method of producing it, and gave to the world the principles of ring-flow circulation, this volume is reverently dedicated by the Kidwell Boiler Company, which values beyond price the privilege of rescuing from oblivion, the work of this great and previously unappreciated engineering genius, and of carrying to completion the task which he so efficiently and nobly began."

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