What Others Say

Ezra "The Bookfinder" is my go-to guy for hard-to-locate items. On several occasions he has come through with books I truly believed were not available anywhere. He has made me look like a librarian superhero to my constituents. I sing his praises to anyone having trouble finding something. I thought I was a pretty savvy book finder, but Ezra is definitely the master. Thank you for all of your help! -- Traci Timmons, Librarian, Seattle Art Museum

Ezra, my main book man! -- Lauren Hutton

Ezra The Bookfinder has always completed every task that I've assigned him, fully and completely to my satisfaction. When a request is made, he responds immediately; he offers a full description of what I am purchasing -- detailed condition, price, and other available options. The transaction is total and complete. I've been a customer of Ezra's for five years, and greatly admire him for his integrity and his high level of business ethics. -- Frank Damante, Danville, California

We have been recommending Ezra's out-of-print services for over 5 years. His biblio-passion shines through with every book search he does. -- Beth Lyons, Powells.com Customer Service Manager

If yer looking for a truffle, use a truffle hound; if yer searching for a book... try Ezra! -- Art Spiegelman

I called on Ezra The Bookfinder intending to challenge his bookfinding skills -- setting him on the trail of a premium, leatherbound set of the 11th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica. I am a serious book collector and over the years have sought and obtained many first editions, but this particular set, which at the time published represented the pinnacle of 20th century research works, which I had steadily been seeking for a dozen years, unsuccessfully; this unobtainable set represented the search for my own personal "Holy Grail". Imagine how flabbergasted I was when Ezra told me this particular set of books was on a bookshelf not twenty-feet from where he was sitting talking with me on the phone. I asked for photographs and after he sent me the scans, I had no doubt; I had located the grail! The set, expertly packaged, turned out to be as beautiful as I had imagined. -- S. Porterfield, Ohio

Hi Ezra, The book arrived today in its bullet-proof box and looks great! Thanks so much for taking the time to pack it so securely. We're planning to move to Corvallis in a couple of years and will make may visits to Eugene--I never forget a great book seller! -- Linda L., Fairfield, CA

Dear Ezra, I received the package and the book today. Thanks a bunch and at least I know a good bookstore in America now! -- Dirk van der Meulen

I am laying aside for a moment my copy of "Stephen and Bloom at Life's Feast..." by Lindsey Tucker, to express my appreciation to Ezra The Bookfinder for the acquisition of this and many other difficult-to-impossible-to-locate books. My home library's shelves are fuller, the empty spaces fewer, thanks to Ezra's unflagging pursuit of those long out-of-print books that, until he found them for me, had seemingly vanished from the earth.

Just when my own attempts to find certain titles end in utter futility, or while waiting in vain for other book searchers to return calls, out of the blue my phone rings and I hear the friendly voice of Ezra announce: "Tom, do you remember that book on Joyce you asked me to find?" ... and soon the book is in my hands, open and being read. In all sincerity, I can't think of a title that I asked Ezra to search for that he hasn't found; and, though the pursuit may take considerable time due to the rarity of a particular edition, Ezra has never let the ball drop: he continued the search when others, myself included, have ceased looking, and in the end after an untiring tracking after the title he more than earns the name: Ezra The Bookfinder. -- Thomas Navarre, Texas
Being a serious coaching enthusiast, I first sought Ezra's help in assembling a group of Coaching & Driving books, most of which were long out-of-print, and having been published as far back as the 1700's. With enthusiasm and commitment, he took on the task of building a premier collection, engaging in serious research to determine which books were considered most informative, collectible, and said to form the cornerstone of any serious coaching collection. Then Ezra went about locating these from colleagues, or in his extensive travels about The United States and Europe (after combing London, he rented a car and went driving to obscure corners of rural England and Wales, asking questions, following down leads, letting it be known he was searching for specific editions).

Over the course of two years, Ezra located some absolute treasures in beautiful condition, which were not easily to be found anywhere,. either in shops or online. Several of the books he found for me hadn't even appeared at auction for the past twenty years! Throughout the process, Ezra worked hard, remained good-natured, and just wouldn't give up until he at last located some of the very tough-to-find titles on the list. I was well pleased with Ezra's service and would recommend him, without reservation, to anyone -- Jeff R.

Ezra surprised us time and time again with his knack for finding the rarest books on Islamic Art as we were expanding our collection. His diligence and passion for his work makes him a reliable and enjoyable person to work with. -- Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives, Carl Olsen, Library Associate